The summer network TV lineup just wouldn't feel right without a new season of America's Got Talent , and the episodes of Season 19 so far have introduced some strong contenders for the grand prize of $1 million. One of those contenders is Dee Dee Simon, who wowed the live audience as well as the famous judges and host Terry Crews with her take on an iconic Dreamgirls song. She spoke with CinemaBlend about going "out with a bang" in the latest episode , and went on to break down the experience of a multi-talent show against more than just fellow singers.

Dee Dee Simon's debut episode of AGT (currently available streaming with a Peacock Premium subscription ) also delivered standout acts by performers including biker Andrei Burton, Roni Sagi and her dog Rhythm, and quick change magician Solange Kardinaly. Basically, AGT certainly isn't The Voice or American Idol where Simon's competition would be only other singers! When I asked the prison nurse-turned-singer about her experience on a show with such diverse kinds of competition, she shared: It's difficult because it depends on what the people want at the times. You never know what America wants.

You never know what America is going to want this year. I said 'Well, I liked the dog!' [laughs] That dog was amazing. I was like, 'No, come on, guys, stop hating.

If it was good, it was good. We got to stay focused, let's stay focused.' So it's just all different types of talent, and I think it's entertaining actually.

The singer – w.

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