Donald Trump, the former United States president, has been caught up in several lawsuits but despite that, he has managed to hold on to his prized Boeing 757 private jet, dubbed the “Trump Force One”. The jet, which Trump bought for $100 million in 2011, recently made headlines after it clipped another plane at a Florida airport following its return from New Jersey with no injuries reported. But what does the Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential have inside his prized possesion? According to a report by Business Insider from earlier this year, the luxurious jet features several staterooms, meeting rooms and a guest room with wood finishings, a theater system, and two couches that convert into a double bed.

The plane also sports a giant “T” on the tail and “TRUMP” written in large letters on the fuselage. The plane’s galley is complete with glassware, a sink, and coffee makers, creating a small kitchen. The 43-seater jet can accommodate gourmet meals and features a first-class cabin, a dining area with loungers, a couch and a table with four chairs.

The seatbelts and other finishes are 24K gold-plated and the headrests and pillows have been etched with the Trump family crest. The main lounge of the jet has a 57′′ TV and sound system. There is also a touchscreen system that controls the theater.

Meanwhile, Trump has his own private bedroom with a custom headboard, pillows, comforter, a theater system and work desk. He also has a master bathroom with a .

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