Life life lessons People have been sharing the things they learned as they get older and one life lesson rang so much louder than all the rest John Plunkett. Updated May 21st, 2024 Share Tweet It’s never too late to learn how better you might live your life, even at our age. Yes, even at our age! So we were particularly grateful to @Alina96413300 after they asked this over on Twitter.

As you got older what did you realise? — Elinayyy (@Alina96413300) May 5, 2024 And it prompted an avalanche of free-to-air therapy and jolly useful it was too, with no end of life lessons such as all of these ...

Being alone and feeling lonely are 2 different things — JosieVoss (@josievosss) May 6, 2024 if you wouldn’t go to them for advice you shouldn’t internalize their criticism either. when someone is talking shit, you have to consider the source and decide how much you actually need to care. https://t.

co/fgxUCRTv5D — DOLL LUNDGREN (@allighater) May 7, 2024 All you have are the people you have involved yourself with heavily. Once they are gone, there is usually no way going back since people are too busy living their lives. Do everything you can to ensure that support system stays strong or end up in the worst position in life — TheEliteSpear ️‍⚧️️‍ (@TheEliteSpear) May 6, 2024 Expecting the best from people will wear you down.

There's peace and healing in accepting others for who they've repeatedly shown you they are. https://t.co/NyxKqWrYn7 — Allen K.


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