In a whirlwind of dedication and determination, Bollywood actor is gearing up to enthral audiences with her upcoming Sharan Sharma directorial 'Mr & Mrs Mahi,' alongside RajKummar Rao. During the film's promotional event in Delhi on Tuesday, Janhvi shed light on the arduous journey she embarked on to step into the shoes of her character, Mahi, a doctor turned cricketer. ADVERTISEMENT With the trailer already released, excitement is building among fans.

During the promotion, Janhvi revealed the strenuous preparation she underwent for her role, which involved rigorous strength training and a demanding fitness regimen. The 27-year-old actor shared, "I wasn't very radiant while shooting for this film. When I started preparing for this film, I was promoting 'Good Luck Jerry'.

I was possibly shooting for 'Mili' and I was about 8-9 kilos heavier. Sharan was very stressed and told me that I didn't look like a cricketer. He said if I really wanted to do this film, I needed to start losing weight and begin cricket training.

" This marked the beginning of an intense transformation for Janhvi. Her daily routine was packed with physical training, guided by her coach, Abhishek Nair. "My daily routine was very intense.

I was at the peak of my training, and my coach, Abhishek Nair, said that the training I was undergoing was more intense as what they did with their IPL players," Janhvi elaborated. She also shared that her training routine included gruelling sessions in the nets with (KKR) pla.

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