Dua Lipa has revealed that she is proud to use her platform to support the ceasefire in Gaza as it’s for ‘the greater good.’ The British-Albanian singer, 28, is set to headline Glastonbury for the first time this month and perform her best hits on Friday night on the Pyramid stage. Dua, best known for her hit songs Dance The Night , Houdini, and Levitating, has been outspoken about her support for Gaza in recent months.

The star has used her platform and social media channels to call for a ceasefire and express her grief for the ‘unprecedented suffering in Gaza.’ She also joined those condemning the Israeli bombing of a Rafah refugee camp. In an interview ahead of her main stage appearance at one of the biggest festivals in the world, the singer explained that she is willing to take the backlash to her support.

‘When I speak about things that are political, I double-, triple-check myself to be, “OK, this is about something that is way bigger than me, and it’s necessary – and that’s the only reason I’m posting it.” That is my only solace in doing that.’ ‘It’s always going to be met with a backlash and other people’s opinions, so it’s a big decision.

I balance it out, because ultimately I feel it’s for the greater good, so I’m willing to [take that hit],’ she told Radio Times . Earlier this year, a viral song by Israeli rappers called for Bella Hadid and Dua , celebrities have both been vocal with their support for Palestine, to be killed.

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