Though many of the distinctive faces in will be familiar to anyone who saw 2015 action masterpiece , one that definitely won’t be is that of Praetorian Jack. As played by British actor Tom Burke, who adopts an impressively convincing Antipodean accent for the role, Jack is the Immortan Joe’s main War Rig driver, and an ally to Furiosa in her quest for vengeance against Chris Hemsworth’s despotic warlord Dementus. Unlike Furiosa, Jack’s past is kept a mystery on screen.

But Burke – at the behest of director George Miller – filled out the details of Jack’s journey through the Wasteland up to the point we meet him in the film, imagining how exactly he became such an important figure in Joe’s forces. "It was filling in the journey of how he and his family got to the Citadel in the first place, because there was a connection with the parents and Immortan Joe; and what their expectations of that place would be, and what it was in reality, and who else was with them on the journey," Burke explains when we meet in London, ahead of the film’s UK premiere. "That was, in a way, the most detailed bit of it.

And then there was a realization, once they were there, of where they were, and how things might have got incrementally worse once they were there. And what Joe’s journey was in that." “And then at what point does it just become another day and another day [for Jack]?” Burke continues to the and GamesRadar+.

"It was this feeling of: he likes being on the road, .

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