A TRAVEL expert has revealed the common travel item that passengers should never use during flights. Headphones make it easier than ever before to stay entertained on planes, but not all of them are appropriate for air travel. However, one frequent flyer has sworn against accepting the free earbuds provided when you board your flight.

Thomas G. Mockler, CEO of InflightDirect, one of the world’s leading suppliers of earbuds to airlines, alluded to the detrimental environmental consequences the item carries. It comes as a 2010 report estimated 9,000 tons of plastic goes straight from planes to landfills every year.

"Environmental sustainability is an ongoing issue with all of the world’s airlines,” Thomas told Thrillist . “Many strides have taken place over the past 20 years on making most of the items used onboard environmentally friendly. "This extends to the actual products themselves and packaging for each product.

” It comes after one flight attendant revealed the reason why passengers should never wear short sleeves on a plane. American Airlines crew member Andrea Fischbach issued an important warning to holidaymakers - that could protect them from serious harm. Most people know not to wear restrictive clothing or any flimsy footwear - but many won't have heard of this little-known tip.

Seasoned traveller Andrea told whowhatwear.com : "One rule my mother made me follow that I continue to follow to this day is to always have my body covered. "Emergency slides are .

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