Researchers have crunched the numbers to reveal how much holiday prices increase as the weather heats up during peak season, offering families a way to keep their costs down. A week-long trip in May for two adults and two teenagers from London to Benidorm, Spain, when the temperature is 22 degrees, will cost a family £803. However, this price jumps to £1,570 in August when the temperature reaches 30 degrees - an extra £96 per degree.

By choosing to travel outside of the peak weather window, families could save an average of £235 per degree across seven popular destinations. This saving could be used towards other aspects of the holiday, such as activities for the kids, dining out or shopping. A week-long holiday for a family of four in Florida comes to £2,100 in May when the temperature typically sits at 29 degrees.

This nearly doubles to £4,043 in August, when the average temperature is just two degrees higher at 31 - an additional £972 per degree. The study, commissioned by Post Office, also found that trips to Cyprus cost a family of four £737 for a milder 24 degrees in May. But this increases to £1,272, or £89 per degree, for a week in 30-degree heat in July.

Greece is one of the more affordable options, with a family paying around £1,793 for 28 degrees in August, but only £1,285 in May when it's 23 degrees. A study of 2,000 holidaymakers revealed that four in 10 are planning to travel 'out of season' this year. The main reasons for this decision include overa.

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