It is indisputable—Dior's possesses the most recognisable beauty campaign in history. Charlize Theron emerging from that pool of gold? Iconic. The visuals around J'adore are almost as iconic as the fragrance itself—a perfume that is widely considered to be one of the , year after year.

But now, after 20 years of those iconic visuals, J'adore is entering a new era. As of September this year, will be the new face and muse for J'adore. “Being the new face of J’adore is both an honour and a mission.

This scent, that I have known and loved for so long, means so much to women. I am especially looking forward to joining this adventure and contributing to it through my world, my story, my roots, as well as my creativity and my own femininity,” Rihanna said of the partnership. While we're going to have to wait a few more months to see the campaign, which has been shot by Stephen Klein, our hopes are high.

The spirit of J'adore is rooted in all things gold, so it's needless to say we're expecting a gold-filled campaign. Beyond that, this announcement truly marks a new era for not just J'adore as a fragrance but, in my opinion, for Dior as a fragrance house. Véronique Courtois, Ceo of Parfums Christian Dior says: “We are incredibly proud to welcome Rihanna into the Dior family.

Her golden dream promises to be unique, reflecting a fragrance that is present for women, and retains its radiance. The unusual talent, audacity, and captivating beauty of this absolute star are the.

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