The Mazda CX-70 comes out of the gate , but it is a far more compelling package for its target customer than the controversy allows for. Upon debut, the two-row CX-70 was compared directly to the three-row CX-90. For all intents and purposes, it is very nearly the same vehicle.

But, calling it the same does not give credence to the fact that Mazda has done its homework here. There were around 65,000 Chevrolet Blazers sold in 2023 and 31,000-ish Nissan Muranos. Mind you, the Murano is long due for a redesign and a new version is on the horizon.

Those are the CX-70s chief competitors. Other competitors include the Lincoln Nautilus (pricier and has a hybrid powertrain option) and the Honda Passport (going more rugged as part of an upcoming redesign). All the models appeal most to empty nesters who want to spend a little more on a plusher and more powerful SUV but not get into luxury territory.

Despite the marketing talk surrounding the CX-70 during a group vehicle walk around where a company representative explained that parents who need cargo space for young children and family getaways are the target customer, that same spokesperson admitted during a 1:1 interview later in the day that the older generation is the true market. Mazda differentiates itself from the chief competitor pack with its engine options. The Blazer comes standard with a 228-horsepower (hp), turbocharged 2.

0-liter four-cylinder engine. Buyers can upgrade to a 308-hp 3.6-liter V6.

Nissan only sells the Muran.

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